Love is On Going


My son Keaton, has autism.  My wife of 16 years tried to end her life. I saved her life. Called the EMS, I  saved her live.  I was made the bad guy. Just because I kept her from death. The EMT , said Dr. Garner , you saved her life!  Look I do not want to be held on a monument.  Yes, I busted my ass to get my Ph.D . I never gave up! 12 years , I was driving to Ball State when my wife was being unfaithful in vows she took before God.  I will say , this, I love my autistic boy. I don’t like being called doctor. I bleed the same red blood as black, white, Mexican American, Cherokee etc.  I wish this country could understand that the Native Americans were here long before other’s.  I’m only 25 percent, but read about the trail of tears.  It will open your heart.  In closing, my son has shown me more about life, love and family then any one person in this whole world!


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