Understanding Silence

autismwithinIt has been a while since I have posted anything to blog account.  As I have been very busy with our two son’s therapy and the organization I co founded. I am in the midst of writing my fourth book entitled “Understand Silence”. I what to dive into not just the silence of autism but the silence of our nation. Autism is a word until now that was not talked about in public. Parent’s were ashamed in a since to express their feelings on the adversity that comes with the it. Our countries leaders didn’t think of autism as a big deal until the number of children having it grew expeditiously.  When the number’s grew to 1 in 68, many took notice. I’m going to also, give thought on what the CDC knew in their own studies and the data the keep from the public. Understanding their silence and why documents were destroyed,  data was altered and whistleblower’s were “reassigned” to  a different job. The silence of the Coleen Boyle and why she lied to congress. The silence of why someone in our government didn’t have the integrity to admit what they knew about the cause of autism. When he the members of the CDC’s Vaccine Advisory Committee getmoney from vaccine manufactures.  Understanding the silence as to why the media does not report on Dr. William Thompson from the CDC , and his admissions to the corruption in the CDC. A fine line exists in the silence of the CDC being  tied to pharmaceutical companies. Why the movie Vaxxed was censored for the public to see across the our nation. I wan’t to talk about the silence of doctor’s that take an oath to do no harm and don’t research what they are shooting into three month old babies. Understanding the silence that parent’s can’t sue vaccine companies directly because they are immune from any damages they cause. I hope to shed some light on what many parent’s should have been told but instead those in charge of protecting us from diseases remained kept their silence. 


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