Autism has taught me the true meaning of Life


I have learned that ASD does not define our kids it’s the glue in our family. My wife and boys are the reason for all that I do ASD. I overheard a World War II Vet, talking to a Vet that fought in Vietnam. The younger man was talking about have only one leg. A few minutes when by and the older man said with tears on his face
“I lost a lot of good friends in combat that would love to be sitting here with just one leg”. The point is that someone will all ways have it worse in life. That is the concept I try to live by in life. Is it easy with the meltdowns and never ending therapy, doctor appointments to say the least? Hell No! It makes me a stronger person because I know I’ve made it, I just might be like the vet with one leg. At least I’m still fighting the cause and that my friend you can’t ask for anything better.


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