Living on the Spectrum


Living with and understanding the total devotion it takes to raise a child with autism. Many people find their lives in a vast mass of endless circles of appointments. Often times driving hundreds of miles a week. The cost on a family surpasses more the economical points. It can and does at times feel like being on a marry go round of endless meltdowns to some families. Faith seems to us to be the glue that holds are glove together. Finding time to just to reflect on the day seems challenging. You must understand that you are not alone in this battle of ASD. The best you can do is believe in your child and the professionals that treat them. It’s never going to seem “normal” but in time with support you can strive for an ounce of reason. Hope in the future for any advancement in garnering knowledge of this disorder is the best one can do. The best feeling is that you are doing what you can to prosper their development.


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