Overcoming Adversity in Autism


Autism has shown it’s self to be one of the biggest threats to our future. We must understand that the 4 and 5 year old children today with ASD, will grow up. In time and the need for treatment centers that work with these teenagers must increase by over 40-50% at the least. Our country will have a drastic economic burden placed on the tax payers. The cost of putting a autistic individual into a treatment program will most certainly grow as well. one year of ot,speech,aba ect, therapy can cost 45,000 per year. What will that number grow to in say 2019? At that time the rate of children with ASD is estimated to be 1 out of 18 births. If our government refuses to take this treat on it’s current increases, we would have a psychological epidemic on our hands. Current job estimates show as much as a 80% increase in Speech and ABA therapist alone. Our jail system would be vastly over state and federal limits. Emergency room wood be a systematic mess.


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