Those with special needs should be treated the same as anyone and everyone else would

Calo Nordix

In order for equality to work, we must all realize that we are not equal. Yet, such a view is seemingly forgotten on those with special needs when it comes to the fact that society wishes to normalize them as best as they can instead of seeing them for who and what they are and realizing their limitations, both physically &/or mentally for that matter.

For example, if one is mentally retarded and cannot complete their job quick and efficiently enough, then they do not deserve to have such a job at all. Take for instance an episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” involving a scenario in where Josh Eber, an actor with Down Syndrome, posed as a bagger while other actors posing as disgruntled customers insulted him. Though such insults were harsh such as calling him “Retarded”, “Idiot” and “Stupid” and how they mentioned how he should not…

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