The Autism Paradox


The Autism Paradox .

1. It’s easy to recite an entire an entire book but different to make up a story.

2. It’s easy to line up my toys but difficult to stay in line.

3. It makes perfect sense to climb on the sofa but little sense to sit in it.

4. Memorizing the Presidents in order – 10 minutes. Packing my school bag — 10 hours.

5. Family pictures on the wall are boring but the little speck of dust on the frame , now that’s fascinating!

6. Talking about weather patterns no sweat — Talking about my day at school impossible

7. Ability to focus on a spinning object – timeless , ability to finish my homework all night.

8. Being called by name, can’t hear you – Sound of an owl hooting a mile away, clear as a bell.

9. How to operate the remote control…

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